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Photographic gallery.  Thousands of particles under the microscope.

Assemblage Analysis

The intent of this file is to introduce the concept of assemblage analysis as it applies to the characterization of an environment. Assemblage analysis allows the analyst to see groups of particles as a single unit. The analysis then becomes the recognition of four are five groups of particles and the discovery of an unusual member or an outlier not belonging to any of those groups. This simplifies and accelerates the analysis while increasing the sensitivity to particles that may have special significance in that environment.

Vehicle Repair Shop Assemblage Key

Vehicle repair includes removal of road dusts, rust, distorted metal, old paint, etc. The grinding of these surfaces releases abrasives, the matrix holding the abrasive to the tool (resin, copper, etc), magnetite spheres from sparks, metal shards with interference films, paint fragments, etc. Drilling of metal produces metal turnings, the shape of which indicates bit speed, sharpness, and workrate. Welding and cutting metal leave their own distinctive particles. Debris from sanding patch materials and paint and coating spheres round out the assemblage.

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