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Photographic gallery.  Thousands of particles under the microscope.

Particles with Attached Hairs and Spines

This is part of a guide to the identification of particles seen in samples of free particles. It includes particles that have elongated structures attached to the main body of the particle. Plant parts, insect parts, some spores, some single celled life forms, some fungi, and even some minerals may fall in this group.

The Particle and the Hairs are Isotropic or Very Weakly Anisotropic

Insect Body Fragment foot of Spider Centropyxis aculeata and Arcella vulgaris Microsphaera Balsamroot Pollen

The Particle and the Hairs are Anisotropic

Insect Body Fragment Verbascum thapsus Hair

The Particle or the Hairs are Anisotropic but not Both

Mite Leg Oribata Mite