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Photographic gallery.  Thousands of particles under the microscope.


Sheep Wool

Wool Wool Wool Wool Wool

Wool Cuticle Wool Cuticle

"Baby Caracul"

Caracul Wool Caracul Wool


Merino Wool

Mouton Lamb

Mouton Lamb Wool Mouton Lamb Wool

Persian Lamb

Persian Lamb Wool Persian Lamb Wool Persian Lamb Wool

Specialty Wools and Hairs


Alpaca Hair Alpaca Hair Alpaca Hair Cross-Section

Alpaca Cuticle Cast Alpaca Cuticle Cast

Angora (Rabbit)

Angora Hair Angora Hair Angora Hair Cross-Section

Angora Hair Angora Hair


Camel Hair Camel Hair Camel Hair Cross-Section Camel Cuticle Cast

Mohair (Angora Goat)

Mohair Mohair Mohair, Cross-Section

Mohair Cast of Cuticle Mohair Cast of Cuticle


Yak Hair Yak Hair Yak Hair Cross-Section