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Photographic gallery.  Thousands of particles under the microscope.

School Particles

Schools have a very high occupant density, special design features, and a special range of activities that can generate unique health issues. These are reflected in the assemblage of particles collected by tapelift from surfaces in the classroom.

Gray Acoustic Tile Cropped Elastomer Wear Mite Leg and Blue Dry-Erase Ink Pencil Debris

Health Complaints: Why Schools Are Different Paper Fiber Paper and Dry-Erase Ink Paper Fiber from Tissue Red Paper Fiber Blue Paper Fiber

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Glass fiber from acoustic ceiling tiles are a major cause of health complaints in schools. The article attached here provides background information

Acoustic Ceiling Tile Cropped Gray Acoustic Tile Cropped Acoustic Tile Gray Acoustic Tile 2
Ceiling Tile AcousticTile 200X Glass Fiber Acoustic Yellow Phenolic Ceiling Tile 100X

Cleaning often involves the use of strong chemicals or chemicals that oxidize to form detrimental chemicals. Cleaning leaves particle tracers.

Elastomer Wear Floor Cleaning Agglomerate TL5 Rm303 Cleaning Debris Floor Clean Residue Mild Abrasive Cleaner

Bus and traffic emissions can be a problem at times associated with student pickup or delivery. These emissions leave particle markers. These emissions can also be a problem for school bus drivers if they don't shut off their engines while waiting for students to board or unload at school.

Tire Wear Tire Wear

Cosmetics are generally not a health issue but may provided insight into exposures for sensitive individuals. High levels of cosmetics are evident more at the secondary school level or associated with a teachers desk or the teachers lounge.

Pollen and Cosmetics Cosmetics

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The presence of dry-erase ink indicates exposure to the solvents used in those pens. Black dry-erase ink can be confused with combustion residues.

Dry-Erase Ink Dust Dry-Erase Ink Dust Dry-Erase Ink Dust Dry-Erase Ink Dust

Many millions of dollars have been spent unnecessarily on mold remediation when mold was never the problem. If mold was all they looked for then mold was all they found.

Stachybotrys Standard Atra B Aspergillus Penicillium Alternaria

Food Debris

Sawdust can be a problem in wood shop or from construction activities in schools. Some woods contain toxins but all wood sawdust can be an irritant to the skin and respiratory system.

Sawdust Sawdust

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Shoe Wear2200X Elastomer Wear

Mite Leg and Blue Dry-Erase Ink

Pencil Debris Pencil Debris Pencil Debris Erasure Wear

Dog Dander