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Photographic gallery.  Thousands of particles under the microscope.
Black Particles Under the Microscope

Black Particles from an Office

The black particles in this field of veiw include a magnetite sphere (lower left), cenospheres from diesel truck traffic (upper right), and tire wear (center, upper left and lower right). This is from an environmental tapelift that was collected in an office in Oakland, CA.

Transmitted Off Crossed Circular Polarized Light and Reflected Darkfield Illumination


The magnetite sphere is marked by the ring of light near the center that is the reflection of the ring illuminator creating the reflected darkfield illumination. The cenospheres show the reflectivity of highly coordinated carbon and the pocked surface caused by outgassing as the hydrogen is burned away in a low oxygen environment. The tire wear shows the mineral inclusions and the low reflectivity due to the carbon pigment being coated with a transparent medium; the rubber.

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