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Abies balsamea (Balsum Fir) Fiber

Abies balsamea (Balsum Fir) Fiber

This is an image of a stained Abies balsamea (Balsum Fir) fiber from made by John P. Limbach of Ripon, Wisconsin. The terminations tend to be rounded with pores out to the tips. The cross-field pitting tends to be "Taxodioid" with the aperture slightly elongated. The tracheid pitting shows borders approximately equal to the aperture diameter. The pitting on both sides of the fiber show here, often superimposed on one another.

Transmitted Off Circular Polarized Light Illumination


KINGDOM: Plantae DIVISION: Pinophyta CLASS: Pinopsida ORDER: Pinales FAMILY: Pinaceae GENUS: Abies SPECIES: balsamea

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