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Photographic gallery.  Thousands of particles under the microscope.
Wet Road Agglomerate Under the Microscope

Wet Road Agglomerate

Wet road agglomerates are part of the road spray that is generated by traffic driving on wet roads. The particles are a mixture of smaller particles containing road wear and particles that have settled on the road. This sample contain a number of flyash particles (glassy spheres).

Transmitted Off Circular Polarized Light Oblique Illumination


Wet road agglomerates are particle clusters that include tire wear, road debris, pollens, and other particles commonly found on the surface of roads. The road debris may be from asphalt or cement roads. These particles are the road spray residues formed when the road is wet and the normal road debris is agglomerated rather than free floating.

Significance in the Environment:

These particles indicate an essentially direct route for air to the indoor environment. Typically it's an open window or proximity to an exterior door.

Characteristic Features:

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