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Alpaca Hair

Alpaca Hair Cuticle

This is a cast of the cuticle of alpaca fiber from free fiber marked as "Alpaca Tops".

Transmitted Oblique Illumination


There are two basic types of alpaca wool, Huacayo and Suri. They are differentiated by subtile differences in the cuticle pattern as well as differences in the cross-section. "Baby Alpaca" is a finer form of the wool and tends to have a "wool fineness" of 70s, an average diameter of about 20 micrometers. "Alpica Tops" tends to be the longer fiber.

Significance in the Environment:

Characteristic Features:

Alpaca hair has a refractive index along its length of about 1.56 and perpendicular to its length of about 1.55. It has a birefringence of about 0.01 and a positive sign of elongation.

Associated Particles:


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