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Photographic gallery.  Thousands of particles under the microscope.
Ashed Wire Insulation from a House Fire View through a Microscope

Ashed Wire Insulation from a House Fire

This is a piece of ash from the burned cotton/asphalt insulation on house wiring as a result of a house fire. Tapelifts maintain the spatial distribution of artifacts such as this ash so that their source can be identified.

Transmitted Off Crossed Polarized Light and Reflected Darkfield Illumination


Significance in the Environment:

This is from an older type of house wiring that was insulated by a coating of tar or asphalt saturated cotton fabric. Particles like this indicate that the wiring in the wall of the home was exposed to open fire when and/or where there was ample oxygen. That is often where the fire began.

Characteristic Features:

Associated Particles: