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Photographic gallery.  Thousands of particles under the microscope.
Hummingbird Feather Barbules with Villi Under the Microscope

Hummingbird (Trochilidae) Feather Barbules

This image shows the villi of the base cell on an Anna's Hummingbird's down barbule.

Transmitted Off Crossed Polarized Light Illumination


KINGDOM: Animalia PHYLUM: Chordata CLASS: Aves ORDER: Apodiformes FAMILILY: Trochilidae GENUS: Calypte SPECIES: Anna

Significance in the Environment:

Characteristic Features:

Associated Particles:


Dove, Carla J. and Sandra L. Koch, "Microscopy of feathers: a practical guide for forensic feather identification", THE MICROSCOPE, vol. 59, no. 2, pp. 51-71, 2011

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