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Madake Bamboo Longitudinal Section Through the Microscope

Madake Bamboo (Phyllostachys bambusoides) Longitudinal Section

This is an image from a stained standard section of Madake bamboo. It has been stained with safranin and astra blue. Safranin stains the cellulose red and astra blue stains the lignin blue. The cells at the bottom of the image are long fiber, then parenchyma cells, another band of long fiber, then a lignin rich vessel, more long fiber, and a final band of parenchyma cells. Most of the parenchyma cells are the long variety but the short parenchyma cells are scattered through the image. They tend to have a darker cell wall because they contain more lignin.

Transmitted Brightfield Illumination


KINGDOM: Plantae UNRANKED: Angiosperms UNRANKED: Monocots UNRANKED: Commelinids ORDER: Poales FAMILY: Poaceae SUBFAMILY: Bambusoideae TRIBE: Bambuseae SUBTRIBE: Shibataeinae GENUS: Phyllostachys SUBGENUS: SPECIES: bambusoides

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