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Photographic gallery.  Thousands of particles under the microscope.
Nomex Fiber Under the Microscoper

Nomex Fiber

These fibers are ribbon shaped in cross-section as can be seen by the broad, uniform central retardation color shown by most of the fibers. The fiber at the extreme left is bilobate in cross-section as can be seen by the double bump in the interference pattern formed where it crosses the horizontal fiber. The flattened fibers are about seven micrometers thick and are showing third and forth order colors.

Transmitted Crossed Circular Polarized Light


Nomex is an meta-Aramid fiber. It is known for its high temperature stability and is used as a heat-protection clothing fiber.

Significance in the Environment:

Characteristic Features:

Nomex has refractive indices o about 1.67 perpendicular and 1.89 parallel, giving a birefringence of 0.22. Only Kevlar has a higher birefringence among the synthetic fibers.

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